Heart-to-Heart on Hormones

Growing up, I remember knowing girls who were the definition of PMS. I was always a relatively upbeat, happy person, so the moody ones always stood out to me. I never quite understood how someone could be so cranky just because it was their "time of the month". I hadn't really experienced these hormonal symptoms [...]


A Productive Afternoon in the Kitchen 

Today I took advantage of my sons self-sufficient mood and prepared some things in the kitchen I have been meaning to prepare. My little boy is now six months old and therefore, old enough to start being introduced to various solids. That being said, today I thought I would try making some homemade baby foods. [...]

Mornings With My Son

Mornings haven't always been my cup of tea. In fact, my memories of waking up to the frigid fall air and having to leave my beloved bed for school, or my workplace, seem to have negative associations; such as anxiety, and dread. Being on maternity leave has been the best time of my life. I get to experience [...]