A Blog On Breastfeeding

When I was pregnant with my son, I experienced many moments of fear and feeling completely overwhelmed. I grew up an only child and had no experience with young children. Heck, I didn’t even know how to hold a baby, or change a diaper! How was I going to prepare myself and learn everything I had to learn about being a mother in the 9 months I had while baking this little bun?

Pinterest was my best friend, I pinned baby posts like crazy; charts on sleeping guidelines, breast milk, starting solids, baby milestones, the oh so daunting must-haves checklists (which I ended up finding to be a little over-the-top). The most intimidating of it all seemed to be all of the reading on breastfeeding. I would hear from so many people how hard it is to keep a milk supply up, the clogged ducts, the mastitis. How much do I feed him? How do I know I’m producing enough? How do I pump? How are there so many bottle parts and accessories? How do I store the milk? It seemed like it would never all come together.

But let me tell you, it did! My baby arrived and I swear it all just fell into place. My instincts and love just took over. Now, I am not going to lie, the beginning was tough; the painful raw nipples, the constant struggling to find a nursing position that was comfortable for both baby and I, the fight of trying for a proper latch. I could go on. It took months before my boy and I finally felt synchronized.

through stages where he would frantically fight his feeds or times where he would only eat if we were both lying down. I swear, one time during a phase of his, it looked like I was smuggling him in my shirt while I attempted to breastfeed in public. No, breastfeeding doesn’t always look as glorious as you would imagine. But after the tough part in the beginning, we found our rhythm and now breastfeeding is a cake walk! I can’t be bothered with all of the bottles and warmers and sanitizers (that I went all out on after reading all of the must-haves). Strictly breastfeeding is what I found to be wonderful to us. I know my baby is getting everything he needs to stay strong, healthy and happy and it is our own special bonding time.


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