My Beauty Battle

I cannot count the amount of times I haven’t worn shorts because I was ashamed of my pale colouring; nor the amount of times I have had streaky orange lines covering my body from fake tanner, or painful, red, damaged skin, from the hours spent roasting in the sun in hope to achieve the bronzed glow that I am just not made out to have.

Why is it that I am willing to increase my chances of getting skin cancer, by cooking my skin in the sun, or filling my pores with chemicals, to try and change the skin I was born in? Why do we put our health at risk to attain unnatural looks? 

We are all different! We are all beautiful! Why can’t we just embrace our individualistic, unique beauty. Take pride in our differences. Well we can. I am battling! Join me please!

We aren’t meant to all look the same. Nor are we meant to spend our short days on this earth hating our natural selves and trying to be someone we are not.

This is me. I have pale, porcelain skin. I am of Scandinavian descent. I was born with white blonde hair and blue eyes. I am no longer going to try and be someone I am not. I am no longer going to dye my skin orange like the majority of other pale skinned women today. I am no longer going to cause any potential harm to my body by doing so. I am going to love myself for me.


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