Mornings With My Son

Mornings haven’t always been my cup of tea. In fact, my memories of waking up to the frigid fall air and having to leave my beloved bed for school, or my workplace, seem to have negative associations; such as anxiety, and dread.

Being on maternity leave has been the best time of my life. I get to experience every milestone my little bundle of joy makes. Many people ask, “don’t you get bored”, or “don’t you need a break?” My father often says “it would be a nice change of scenery for you to start working some odd shifts at the cafe again.”

These suggestions and opinions may be what these people need or have needed, and they come from the heart; but in all honesty, I enjoy nothing more than being present to witness my sons’ first smile, or first word, being there for him as much as I can. I cannot stress enough, how quickly they change and grow. I don’t want to wake up one day, him now a young man, and regret not spending the time I could have with him. Missing moments of the ever so short stages of the newborn, only to make a few extra dollars at a subpar job. I understand that some are very career-focused, need an alternate purpose, or may need an “out” in order to maintain their sanity, I just do not. I can get by on the little income I collect while on maternity leave and still receive everything I desire by spending my days with my son, bringing him to places I love and sharing them with him. I can still focus on my interests and hobbies with him by my side.

Now do not get me wrong, I know we all need to make a living in this money-crazed world of ours and I know there are those who have careers that define them, that they cannot imagine taking time away from and I respect that. I also have the outermost much respect for all you mothers out there who work their butts off to give their children everything they need. So many are not granted the opportunity to take a paid leave of absence and spend this time with their littles, which to me is a negative outcome of our society.

To each their own my lovelies, everyone has different motivators, different reasons to live for, do what makes you feel like the “best and happiest you”, do what you are meant to do, and what you feel is right, no matter what anyone may tell you. Whatever drives you to wake up in the morning, continue to let it drive you!



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