Nutrition today.

So it has been a very busy year. First year of Sciences; learning about all of the general, boring, tedious parts of science that all first year science students have to experience.

Anyways, I have been on the meal plan at the University and it is so hard to eat healthy there. However, I have been questioning the idea of what healthy eating really is…. Not what people swear by, or fat loss methods, but real nutrition. What our body NEEDS, not a way of eating to look a certain way.

My belief still, is to live completely in moderation. These treats, everyone seem to stress about eating, are still fine to have in our diet as they are endorphin boosting, and they are what we crave, so cutting them completely out of the diet could bring on other bad things such as binges, or overeating, and inconsistencies. Β I have been reading many peer reviewed articles that I have access to through the university and am understanding more and more each day about how important carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats really are. Not only to stay healthy and prevent heart problems and other diseases, but to function properly throughout the day! Carbohydrates are what fuel our brains and regulate seretonin levels! Diets that are low carbohydrate, or cut them out completely are detrimental to your health and functioning guys! Really! Those fad diets like adkins may show fast temporary fat loss results, as cutting carbs limits calorie intake, but you are not giving your body the building blocks they need to go through the day healthily and productively and can cause problems in the long run. Cutting out these nutrients would be like cutting out water.

The Canadian Food Guide is honestly the only thing one should follow as it is created by Canadian Dieticians, experts in the Nutrition field that have studied and tested and came up these results. Not these silly diets that your average Joe decided to create one day and advertise like crazy..backed up by strictly anecdotal evidence!

btw guys…. Pasta and bread ARE on the Canadian food guide!!

If you are not celiac. There is absolutely no reason you should be going gluten free.

Anyways, enough ramble for today, Really hope you guys take a moment to read this, I know it is tempting to follow certain diets friends swear by or you hear on the television, but what is important is your health, both short term and long term, not a temporary appearance.

Any questions or comments, just let me know!

Thanks guys, hope this is helpful

– Elizabeth


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