Calling All Coffee Drinkers

I'm sure many of you can relate to the feeling of satisfaction you get when you take your first sip of warm, comforting coffee of the morning. It seems to offer some kind of reassurance to your day. That everything is going to be okay. Just sit, relax, and enjoy your delicious brew and somehow [...]


Heart-to-Heart on Hormones

Growing up, I remember knowing girls who were the definition of PMS. I was always a relatively upbeat, happy person, so the moody ones always stood out to me. I never quite understood how someone could be so cranky just because it was their "time of the month". I hadn't really experienced these hormonal symptoms [...]

Meat-free, Dairy-free Borscht

Happy Monday readers! I am going to start this post off by stating that borscht is not for everyone; it has a unique, earthy flavour from the beets. That being said, if you do not enjoy beets, this recipe may not be for you. I have tried borscht multiple times, and I must say, I [...]

Poached Eggs Over Maple Roasted Vegetables

A Sunday worthy breakfast, consisting of two poached eggs over top maple roasted brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes! The eggs were poached to medium so that the yolk cascaded down into the vegetables. So delicious and comforting. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend (long weekend here in Canada). Cheers!

Baby Room

We love foxes! Settling into a new place seems to always take way too long! It seems everything is just starting to come together after 3 months of living in the place. Here is my beautiful boys fantastic fox nursery. I went with a rustic, woodland feel for his fox themed nursery. Changing area Reading/nursing [...]

One Chicken – Two Meals

My favourite thing about making roast chicken or turkey is creating a soup from scratch with the leftovers!  The top photo is a roasted herb, lemon and garlic chicken with roasted vegetables. For the soup, I collected all of the salvageable leftover chicken and placed it the fridge to add later on. For the broth, [...]

Hearty Fall Meal 

For this simple, satisfying and wholesome meal I roasted two chicken breasts with chopped butternut squash, sweet potato and beets on a single baking dish for 50 minutes at 375. I rubbed the chicken breasts and vegetables with olive oil, pepper, Himalayan salt, thyme, parsley and garlic. While the chicken and vegetables were roasting, I [...]